Thursday 9 April 2015

Hudson: 6 months old

It's my half year birthday, what a half year I have had. Mommy and I are keeping busy, we tried a Mommy and baby yoga class and a sensory activity where I got to play with colourful spaghetti. I was apprehensive to touch it but enjoyed watching the other babies play. We also go to playdates with Momstown and grocery shopping with my friend James and his Mommy. 

Mommy and I were busy preparing for our Punta Cana trip buying clothes for me to wear as I don't fit into my summer gear yet. I got a new swimsuit and swim diapers, shorts, shirts, a hat and sandals. Ready for the sun!

This month I have truly perfected sitting up. I love playing with my basketball net from Uncle J and Auntie J as I can sit and play with the net and the buttons that light up. I love to sit and play with my toys and anything like a water bottle or piece of tupperware. My hair is really growing in now but its quite light so its hard to see. I have been drooling a lot and Mommy thought my teeth made an appearance in Dominican but we aren't sure now. I can put one foot in front of the other while my hands are held and I can stand on the couch or at that table. I love watching and playing with other kids. I like to grab and I'm super strong so sometimes I hurt Mommy accidentally. I love to blow raspberries and make coughing/gagging noises to get attention.

Our trip to Punta Cana was so fun! I didn't even cry on the plane ride! I slept in my stroller for my naps, even on the beach. No noise machine needed there! I loved all the waiters and I got a lot of attention - which I loved. I felt the ocean waves hit my feet and swam in the pool for the first time. I splashed so much I got my parents sunglasses wet.

I have had a sore toe this month again so the doctor will look at it tomorrow. I will also get my cranial molding helmet tomorrow. My head has grown and gotten a bit better so hopefully I won't need it for very long.

Easter was so much fun today! I can't believe the Easter Bunny left me a big basket with chocolate eggs, gummy bunnies, peeps, a new toy for my highchair, a lollacup and a new easter outfit! You can't miss me in my new outfit, yellow pants! I got to see all my big cousins today and Grandma, Grandpa and Oma. I even ate carrots for the first time!

That's it for now. I still love to smile and give big kisses, even to friends I met on our trip! I am a very happy boy who everyone keeps saying is very content - I'm not sure what that means but life is good!

Love Hudson

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