Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Hudson: 9 months

I'm 9 months old now. I've been extremely busy crawling and cruising in the house and anywhere I can. I've become a very strong and fast crawler! I even stood up by pushing off the ground a few times. I love all these new physical activities I'm doing.

This month I got to play with wiggly, colourful jello. I didn't get into the jello too much but it was still lots of fun to explore. I also love to explore the hourse. I always touch the door stoppers and make funny noises. Mommy took me to an indoor playground where I played in the balls, on a small roller coaster and on the ride on toys and cars. I also love walker with my walker.

This month my friends Sydney, Sophie and Jack moved back to town! Mommy takes me over to visit every so often to play. We also visited with Mommy's friends and their kids too. I got to see lots of my friends visiting from all over and even go in the pool for a swim.

Summer came while I was 9 months old and we went to the cottage twice. My friends James, Kiera and Kassandra got to come this time! It was so much fun playing with my friends at the cottage when we all were on the same schedule - which didn't happen that often unfortunately. We also went to the cottage with my friend Brooklyn at the end of the month too.

I don't love to sleep in the car so the trips to the cottage are difficult sometimes. I am starting to get used to sleeping in the pack and play. I am so busy, I hate to miss out when friends are visiting. 

I enjoyed my first Canada Day! We visited Grandma and Grandpa's house and went to a festival.

At the end of the month we had our family over to celebrate the summer birthdays. I saw my Aunts and Uncles and my cousin too. We were so busy this month I wasn't able to go to two of my friends birthday parties, Jamey and Finn's. 

Until next month!



  1. It has always been fun reading your blog post and seeing your little boy growing up. He has become so adorable and cute and so is his habits.

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