Monday 10 August 2015

Hudson: Helmet Update 3.5 months

Look at that noggin!! The exciting news is that our last appointment which was nearly a month ago now, sorry I'm so delayed, Hudson met the cephalic ratio goal of 91%!! We were so close to all of the goal numbers I went into the appointment having already decided that I wanted to graduate to sleep wear only.
The weather was so hot and he had been such a trooper. His head looks so great, I was happy with it either way.

Hudson's head grew the most it ever has 4.1mm of circumference growth at his July 15, 2015 appointment. The oblique diagonal difference (where his head stuck out on the right side more than the left due to the flatness being on the left side) went down from 5.5mm to 5.4mm, the goal being 5mm or less. Still some work to be done there.

The posterior symmetry ratio should be around 95 and he went from 92.2 to 92.6 - still some room for growth, but minimal. Lastly, the cranial vault asymmetry index (CVAI) should be I believe 3.5 or under, he went from 3.7 to 3.6.

We decided to go forward with nap and night time wear. In the past month since then, we were diligent with the first nap wear but have now gone down to just night wear. We had some issues with getting Hudson down for naps for a while there so that was hard enough. He then had a fever plus some teething so we decided night time was enough for our easy going fella.

Our next appointment is Wednesday (in two days time). I hope the figures have improved but either way, I am happy with his little noggin!! Wearing the helmet at night really hasn't been tough for Hudson. We still hear his head hitting the sides of the crib as he rolls around in the night. During the daytime, he doesn't seem to wake up if he hits his head without the helmet, so that hasn't been an issue for us now that he has "graduated" mostly out of his helmet.

In celebration, we went to Build-a-Bear workshop and Hudson built Kevin the Minion. Kevin will wear Hudson's helmet once he graduates from wearing it. Hudson loves his minion and it was a fun experience making it too.

I still don't regret making the decision to get the helmet. Yes, the doctors say it will get better on its own,  yes, it may have but may not. His head looks amazing and many people have noticed how much better it is. It really wasn't a hassle having the helmet. We cleaned it every night while Hudson bathed and it wasn't a problem putting or taking it off. Hudson didn't seem to be bothered by it luckily. The great thing is, now he keeps hats on no problem at all, when I watch the other babies constantly taking their hats off at the park.

Signing off for now, Hudson is awake from his nap! I will let you know how our appointment goes, sooner rather than later ;)


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