Thursday 27 October 2016

Hudson: Big Boy Bed

Well it's happened. My rainbow baby is sleeping in a new room in his big boy bed as I write...without a breathing monitor.
(I'm taking deep breaths as I write this!) After having our twins, against popular twin sleeping arrangements, we decided to separate them into two rooms. This meant Hudson would move across the hall as part of the musical bed game

We had our house painted this spring in preparation of our new bundles arrivals. I recently purchased the decor and the new big boy bed came in. The babies have been in bassinets in our room so there was no hurry in my mind, especially because our twin, who is remaining nameless (Twin A!) until I formally introduce the boys, can stay longer in our room if need be. It was nearly time for it to happen, he turned 2 years old. 

Going through this right of passage is a first for our family, especially after losing Stella in a safe sleep environment and no movement monitor. Sleeping and beds are a sensitive topic for me.

We decided we would slowly move Hudson's gear over to his new room and start using the bathroom to get him used to the space (maybe strategically it was for me to get used to the new upcoming sleeping plan?). He knows "Baby" will be in his old room and the location of his "new room". We've read books on his new bed and he even took one nap there! We ask him where he would like to sleep and he has oftentimes says his new room, but we were yet to be successful getting him to sleep and not cry from being scared there. I was okay with that as most Moms would be. He can be a baby in his crib for longer right??

Tonight is the night, not out of any plan to make it happen as it wasn't discussed nor was I on bedtime just happened and I'm working on rolling with it. 

At this point, sleep is important to me as I don't get much of it and physically checking on Hudson and possibly waking him is not in the cards. So I put my trust in the fact that I have a strong and healthy boy and this won't happen again. 

For now, I try and take comfort that my little boy is getting bigger and wants to explore these new big boy adventures and rest in his big boy bed. I am so happy to go through this right of passage with him as it means we have a child old enough to go through it, a first for us. We've missed so many other firsts with Stella, one being the start of Kindergarten this year. It may only be a bed, but I cherish all of these moments as I did with Stella while she was here. Even though they are terrifying, much like most parenting situations, we will live through it and see the light of day tomorrow morning when he wakes in his new room! I can't say the same for me, but it's a work in progress. 


  1. It's hard to imagine that underlying fear that you live with daily. Yes, it could happen to any parent at any time but it did happen to you. You are an amazing, brave soul and all 4 of your children are incredibly blessed to have you as there mom. Thank you for sharing your heart with us.

    1. We have been told its never happened to a family twice - although I'm still worried. I wish we could be like others, who don't worry about this. Unfortunately the worry happens during sleeping hours which doesn't help with rest - which makes me worry more! With time, I think I will worry less - that's my hope and plan! Thanks Julie.

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