Friday 21 October 2016

She's back! And we have a surprise!!!!

Okay I've taken the big plunge and did it. I'm back! Where have I been you may ask?
Well, I've been busy having twins!? Yes identical twins!! So much has gone on in our little life this past year. I have so much to add to our story and hope to somehow in some way help other parents through the struggles we recently went through and are currently trying get through. I've learned so much through these experiences. Twin life is one I never knew. One that I am getting to know intimately.

I know, it's crazy, haven't we been through enough? I guess not. Overall, life is well, please don't worry about us! We've gone through the worst over 2.5 years ago losing Stella and emerged stronger and ready to take on the world. And the world is putting us to test.

In the coming months I'd like to introduce you to our twin boys, tell my pregnancy story, update you on our now 2 year old son and all that comes in and between this now crazy life of ours with 3 boys and our sweet girl watching from above!!

Stay tuned for our NICU stay, life with 3 tiny and breathing humans who put my SUDC coping skills to test, reflux struggles, genetic worries, more flat heads (?), and my new found skill, juggling! Two 4 month old babies and a toddler, that is! Do you think I have time for hobbies? Well, I do find time to fit in some crafting and my much needed creative outlet from the diapers, the sleepless nights, the spit up, and all that comes with these boys.

Loving and learning our new life and can't wait to get back in the blogging saddle! I've got a fussy baby to feed so that's it for now folks.

A sneak peak at the two fellas who have rocked our world. As you can see, we are navigating the new found craziness and sometimes legs are left free! A friend complimented me for letting him be free to kick, yes that was the intention right!?


  1. Your family is beautiful especially the sweet little girl looking down from Heaven.

    1. Thank you so much livetoshopgirl! Stella is definitely a sweet one :)

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