Wednesday 23 November 2016

It Was Here and Now It's Gone!

I'm referring to my thick full locks of hair, that is. I've hit that pivotal postpartum moment, head on. I am losing my hair, in a big way. And I'm one of the lucky ones, that started with a lot to begin with.
It happened with my first two pregnancies and I expected it again but each time it happens, it catches me by surprise.

I saw all the hair on the ground but didn't realize I would be able to tell on my head!
My hair is something that I've always put effort into styling as I enjoy it. I tried to pull it back today and realized how much has disappeared. Since having my twins, being my third pregnancy in four years, my hair has been the one thing I can control and makes me feel good and attractive when I couldn't control anything else about my body. I've been known to braid, curl, updo my hair on a regular basis. I learned quickly how to style my hair as a child being the daughter to a mother who worked in the corporate world and left early in the morning, 

I don't wash my hair each day. I am normally able to find the time to wash, blow dry and curl my hair every four to five days. Each day I touch up the curls, if needed and I'm ready to go. When I look in the mirror, which actually doesn't happen often, I feel somewhat put together and my normal self as the rest of my body slowly starts to transform back to its old shape - that shape has changed over the years, to a different one. 

My old thick hair with time for an updo on our honeymoon
I have come to terms with the fact that I am not eating as I would like, getting the amount of sleep I should or feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed after my twin pregnancy - I'm okay with that. But this hair situation is disheartening. Yes, its only hair; I get that and it will grow back, yes but why kick us when we are down? Can't we maintain some of our previous looks?

I've heard many Mom's ask if the hair loss is normal. Yup, unfortunately it is. As I understand it, when you are pregnant the increase in hormones prolongs the growth stage of your hair. After birth, your hormones decrease and you are forced into the resting stage where it falls out. 

Not as much hair to pull back! And its only just begun!
I noticed hairs showing up all over my house on my dark hardwood floors. I see them stuck on my children's clothes and even in their mouths! They wear them well. I cannot believe the amount that falls out in the shower, clumps that I gather up to throw out. Then brushing my hair even more comes out. It started last month as I was making Halloween costumes and I swore I could make a baby wig! 

You might feel like you want to cut and style your hair to increase the volume. remember, you hair is constantly growing back and the main area it tends to fall out is on the top and front sides of your head. In a few months time, you will notice the tiny baby hairs will start to grow. Slowly but surely.

Cottage time with Stella and my full locks
You will notice the regrowth as there will be a ton of fly away baby hairs that will look like a lions mane around the front of your face. 

You are not alone. We can be stringy post partum hair loss buddies together. You are now part of the exclusive motherhood club, where we wear our hair in buns, stretchy pants and day old make up with our frizzy baby hairs! It isn't permanent and is a reminder along with the other bodily changes of what we are capable of doing and what we now do. We made these amazing human beings and are now called Mom. As a Mom you will sacrifice anything and everything for them including ourselves and our hair. This is the best reason for hair loss you can get! Oh how lucky we are and what a wonderful stage of our lives. 

Top knot is the way to go Mamas!
When us mothers pass eachother in public and see the messy greasy bun made up of the remnants of what was once full, bouncy hair, take comfort in knowing it is normal, you are not alone and we should wear this badge proudly in honour of our children, as there are many others that wish they could wear it. And our children will love us no matter how much hair we have.


  1. My little one loves to grab my hair with his death grip! Once I finally get his cute tiny hands to open and release my hair...i try and laugh at my hair loss and tell him.." if you pull mommy's hair like that she's going to be bald like you!" ha ha ha

    I had hair loss before pregnancy due to a health condition...and when my hair stopped falling out during pregnancy it was amazing....losing it now feels like ten fold, but I'm sure it will slow down and start to grow back. Definitely need to improve my diet..sleep and add in more vitamins and I hopefully will get back some of my hair.

    Thanks for sharing...I hate looking in the mirror lately..especially because of my hair. It makes me feel a lot better that other moms out there won't judge when they see me in public because they feel the same way I do ��


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