Monday 14 January 2019

We Thought We Could Avoid It!

We thought we could hide and avoid it! We couldnt hide behind Walker's owls either - we went two years without getting it. It was unfortunately our time.

We've dealt with a lot of health issues since our first baby was born and we now can add one to the list that we worked so hard to avoid. RSV has hit us!! Hard!!!
RSV - Respirstory Syncytial Virus - it's highly contagious infectious virus of the lungs and passages. I had never heard of it prior to having preemies. Fever, severe cough, wheezing, difficulty breathing, rapid breathing are some of the symptoms. For healthy babies/children it can seem like a common cold but for preemies, children with heart and lung problems and weakened immune systems it's much much more. These children can develop lower respiratory tract infections such as pneumonia. Bing bing bing! That's my Walker :(

Walker had a double surgery earlier this week and having heart disease he is at risk, especially when his immune system is down. He has RSV and bilateral pneumonia. And it happened quick.
It is spread by droplet - so coughing, sneezing, on surfaces, hands and clothing. It's the leading cause for hospitalization of babies in the fall and winter. It likely was passed through daycare but he could have got it earlier this week at the hospital. I always knew it could happen but we have been lucky and not hospitalized this year, until this weekend.
Walker is being treated with oxygen, as there isn't enough oxygen going through his blood and body, antibiotics because his pneumonia is suspected to be bacterial, puffers to open his airway as he is breathing rapidly, fluids to prevent dehydration, pain reliever to help with his irritability (he doesnt have a fever, it was low grade for a few days) and a lot of love!

So what's really frustrating as my twin boys were very lucky (mainly because they are at high risk so I wouldnt call that truly lucky) because they received shots the past two years against RSV! The first year the boys got the shots as they were preemies, had low birth weight, have a sibling in daycare and more than 6 people regularly in the home. It was a monthly shot at the start of flu season to the end usually in March. We kept RSV away - phew!!

I worked or should I say, strongly advocated for my boys to have a second year of the shots. It wasn't an easy approval as the shots aren't cheap but someone finally agreed that my boys needed the shot - and I literally cried! That was year two, check.
Its year three and I'm a bit disappointed and sad that we are this far with them, two-and-a-half years and WE GOT RSV!!!!!! But, I'm so glad my mommy intuition triggered again this time as Walker didn't have much of a fever - at all. He had a low grade fever for one (part-of) day.
 I unfortunately always have the what-ifs on my mind after losing a child to unknown causes.  I advocated for Stella and I will continue to for these boys. I try not to beat myself up when things out of my control happen. Stella had pneumonia with NO SYMPTOMS.

So for the Moms reading this, you are not a doctor, you are not meant to know what to do or detect the signs (..and you are not alone!). As Moms we are continuing to get to know our kids so we can't even always say we are their experts!!! So please, please, what you can, question the doctors, keep questioning the professionals until you understand but be there and provide the time and love to your little one and give yourself a break, we all make mistakes and generally they are small and will be forgotten. Things happen quick, very quick for Walker.

I spent the past two days at the hospital emergency and pediatric unit, with little sleep and hygiene, caring for someone who feels horrible and doesn't know what he wants (other than Peppa Pig on every screen), I wouldn't have it any other way (hey I know my way around every hospital so it feels like home!).
But now I sit on my couch and watch others worry about which girl is authentic or wearing a robe at the rose ceremony and which bachelorette Colton will pick!!! Ha!  Although my other worries never leave my mind but I know I need a break and I'll be back to worrying about my little Walkie soon but for now, my other two boys need me and I need some rest as I know he's in very capable hands, it's Daddy's turn at the Childrens Hospital.  Good night everyone! 


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