Monday 18 August 2014

Stella : 6 months since our little girl left us

It's been 6 months today that our little girl left us. Again I think of all the wonderful things that happened in Stella's first six months of life and life since has definitely been less joyful and exciting despite having so much go on - we would prefer to have Stella experience it with us. It's crazy to think that half a year has gone by. I constantly wonder what Stella would be up to, what she would be saying and what she would look like as we see our friends children growing and developing so much. It's still very hard to not be busy with a little one but that will change very soon with the arrival of our boy in 7 weeks, or if he decides to come early like Stella, 4 weeks?!? We are getting things ready but its a challenge as our family is not complete without Stella and I wish we could seeing Stella interact with her brother - that's half the fun of growing a family. Our love for Stella was cut off instantly and I know our love will grow for this little guy but it will definitely be an adjustment while getting to know him. He will definitely hear much about his big Sister, who we know would love him very much.
As my pregnancy moves forward, ofcourse I am becoming more tired and more emotional!! So this past little while has been hard not having our family together to enjoy J and J's wedding and Oma's 90th today and all the memories along the way and in day to day life. But we know things will get better with time, although time is also hard -a double edged sword.
So much happened in Stella's first six months of life and I realize it when I re read her six month update. Here it is. Stella would be 2 years and 1 month tomorrow. Missed daily...never forgotten.

Stella's 6 month update

Hi Everyone,
It's time to celebrate, its my half year birthday! 6 months have passed by so quickly in our family! This month I have perfected sitting up. Although I still LOVE to stand, I love to hang out sitting up and on my tummy. Sometimes I fall over but I don't normally hit my head as I can scrunch my body up to avoid face planting! I am starting to get ready to crawl, pushing my knees under my bottom. I am learning to clap, so far I wave my arms around and hit my legs. I am interested in EVERYTHING, I'm very curious and need to touch everything and put it in my mouth..wait till I start crawling! Watch out!
I guess I was a good girl because Santa visted our house for my first Christmas! I had a wonderful Christmas dinner complete with starting solids with the entire V family...cereal to start and since then I love peas, carrots and sweet potato, butternut squash, apples and peaches, banana and blueberries. I love sitting at the table in my highchair with Mommy and Daddy for dinner as a family.
I'm still drooling and gnawing on my fingers a lot but no teeth have poked through. Mommy thinks she sees one coming..stay tuned! I stopped sleeping through the night temporarily but seem to be back on track again. I now sleep on my tummy, since I am such a good roller, I roll to my tummy right away once in my crib. I got lots of fun toys for Christmas, I especially love my pink vanity complete with a compact, comb, lipstick, powder puff and mirror from Great Uncle G and my cousins W and J! I also got a fun jumpy car from Great Uncle B and Great Aunt P. I caught up with my cousin J for a few days and we had so much fun together playing just like old times at the cottage. J makes me giggle a lot. Oh yeah, I also giggle now! Daddy makes me giggle the most..
My dark hair that I was born with at the back is now falling out, all over the place and my lighter hair continues to grow in on top. Everyone loves my headbands that Mommy makes so she has been making them for my friends. I'm getting taller but we will know how much I have grown next week for my 6 month shots. I'm long and strong but still have rolly polly legs and "Michelin arms" as Daddy calls them. Just before Christmas I got my ears pierced.
Santa brought me baby signing dvds which I love to watch...they keep me interested for the entire movie! Mommy sings the songs with me and sometimes sings them even when the dvd isn't on. I start swim lessons at the end of the month and I have my bathing suit ready to go.. I made new friends this month too..I finally met my friend L from Vancouver as well as the twins A and C. I watch Mommy do her exercise class and I kick my legs and copy Mommy. I give lots of cuddles and big wet kisses.
Anyway, that's it for now...a month in the life of me, Stella Eve!

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