Tuesday 7 March 2017

I'm so Glad I Took him to the Hospital

As a Mom you are inundated with information, products, advice and tips. I don't know how much of it we actually retain but as we navigate through this life we become experts as we go.
Little Tiny Hand with a Little Tiny IV
First it's baby product research from bassinets to bottles, you've read all the reviews and got advice from other Moms. You quickly realize a lot of the stuff is just that, stuff. But the information we learn about our baby's health truly doesn't sink in, like reading a review, until you are put into a situation and have hands on experience.  Then you find yourself in that stressful situation where you are held responsible more than you usually are, for the health and well being of your child and you don't have time to spend hours researching what to do. You learn on the job and you eventually gain confidence the more you deal with sicknesses and as you get to know your child.
I was inspired to write a short blog today because all in all, I want it to be clear that mommying is difficult job and I want you to know that you are doing an awesome job. I don't want you to second guess your mama gut feeling even if it's by someone close to you. I keep telling myself the same and hoping it will eventually sink in.
Walker is now over 5 pounds smaller than his twin brother, the size of a 2 or 3 month old - and doesn't have weight to spare.
Yesterday I was feeling cooped up in the house after spending the day before in the hospital with all three of my kids, two of them being twin 8 month olds and ofcourse my 2 year old toddler. Walker's nasal gastric tube needed to be inserted again. I wanted to get out and go to a local shopping centre and walk around a bit with the family. Simple right? We got everything ready for the twins and our toddler, everyone dressed ready to go. As I was packing Walker, who suffers from severe GERD, into his infant bucket seat I noticed something I have never seen but only heard about. It's something that most of us mom's have heard time and time again from different sources; whether it be the prenatal course you took or from your doctors.
Walker had been off the past few days. He was still acting himself personality wise but health wise he was keeping much less than he normally keeps down. I chalked it up to some of the normal stuff we go through with GERD and continued on until I noticed what I had learned about; it happened to him.
Walker's fontenelle was sunken in his head.
Walker's fontenelle sunk into his head
I've always known this to be a sign of dehydration It would make sense if he was as he had not kept anything down on either extremity. We had been refeeding Walker to ensure he got the proper intake of fluids but we could never rely on the guesstimate of fluid intake amounts. The trip to the mall was off the agenda and traded for a trip to the children's hospital. His head was clearly different looking with a large dip in the centre. The edges of his fontenelle were sharp and  he looked like he had a crador in the front of his head.
Walker was in fact extremely dehydrated and it was the right thing to bring him in. He is constantly and consistently fed to hydrate and help him grow but between his extra regurgitation and watery diapers that day we were told he had a gastro virus. The thing I didn't realize, or new, that babies with congenital heart defects, dehydration can greatly effect their health and the way the heart pumps fluids. He was given several heart tests and fluid intake via inter-venous was done very carefully.

Finally resting getting some extra fluids

The health of our babies can change so quickly and especially for younger, the weak, or ill babies. We must be diligent in observing their bodies and behaviour. Walker did not behave any differently and did not act as though he had a gastro virus aside from his bodily output. 
I wanted to share my and Walker's story in the hopes that you might remember it if you are in such a situation. I have dealt with so many sicknesses, fevers, seizures, coughs, vomiting and the worst, the passing of my daughter to SUDC, but never truly experienced dehydration with a small baby. I have always looked for it when they had fevers but I have never seen a sunken fontenelle. I now have experienced another hands on situation with my children to add to my mommy medical resume. I am confident I have learned from the experience and happy that I went with my gut and took him in despite my husband wondering where I had heard about the sunken depressed fontenelle or suggesting I take him to a walk in to confirm dehydration. Since losing our Stella and even before that, I have always been a cautious mother when it comes to the health of my kids. There are so many things that could happen that we know nothing about and may not react as quickly as you should. It could have been worse if we left it any longer than we did, luckily it wasn't this time.
Always a smile on his face despite it all!


  1. Dearest Kristina, oh my you are so strong and doing such a wonderful job with 3 kiddies! I love reading your blog and you write so well! I salute you xxxx

    1. Thanks Shona!! I appreciate you following my blog, your support and kind words. xo

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